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Platinum Mask has a new name….Super Soothe 2 in 1
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super soothe 2 in 1

The whole idea of this to take the redness out and to create a calming effect. Great product to use after waxing or chemical peels!

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You know we take credit cards now…… there is no excuse not to come see me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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New Skincare Line!!!!!
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tuel logo

Can’t wait for everyone to try this new line!!!

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I love this color!!!!
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Rule # 3
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Stick With It.

Stick with your program for at least 6 weeks. Whether it is new anti-aging products or acne products stick with them for a full 6 weeks. This should be plenty of time to find out what this products are going to offer you. If you see improvement things are just going to get better and better! If you don’t it is likely they may not be best for your skin!

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Rule # 2
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Keep your hands off your face!!! Don’t constantly touch your face ALL DAY LONG!!!! All you are doing is shoving dirt and oil and grime in your pores! Don’t press or mash anything until you have talked with you Skin care provider. Let them teach you the proper way to perform extractions.(cleaning out the pores)

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Skin care Rules
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Clean your makeup brushes!!! having major problems with breakouts? Have you thought to clean them lately? In a fantasy world we would all clean out brushes once a week but the reality is to at least clean them once a month. Having toilette wipes or mildly cleaning them every week will help and the big sha bang cleaning once a month!!!

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Exfoliating weekly makes a major difference in the appearance of your skin. As you age the cell turnover slows down. So you need something to flake of the old and stimulate the new!

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Dirty Brushes
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If your brushes look like this its time to clean them! Hurry!!! go look, if so go clean them with anti-bacterial soap, reshape them and lay them out to dry

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Pregnancy Skin Care
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Melasma is dark brown or gray patches that appear during pregnancy. They appear on the face and can be located cheeks, forehead, chin, and most common above the lip. It is often referred to as the Pregnancy Mask because it is cause by hormones that are triggered during pregnancy. Dermatologist recommend that pregnant women wear spf every day and a wide brim hat to help fight against Melasma.

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